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Find a variety of Tamil TV packages, offered by DISH, when you sign up for international programming. Our Tamil-American television viewers can watch Tamil-based programming directly from their home in the United States. The various Tamil TV Packages highlight the South Asian culture through TV shows, movies, music, sports and other entertainment channels. Receive your Tamil TV Packages in 100% digital quality and sound when you sign up with DISH today. Check out the variety of Tamil TV packages available.

Tamil: Mosaic Pack

Receive a variety of Tamil-language programming directly from India or Sri Lanka. The Tamil: Mosaic TV Package offers international programming that includes blockbuster and classic movies, exciting serials, gameshows, inspiring songs, and much more. Check out the Tamil TV channel package below to see what South Asian channels are available with this international package.




Tamil: Mega

The Tamil: Mega TV package broadcasts various Tamil-language channels to viewers in the United States. Receive international programming that includes a variety of movies, serials, shows, and featuring the LIVE news. Sign up with DISH today to receive Tamil TV Packages from South Asia at an affordable price.




Tamil: Sun TV

Sun TV is one of the most popular Tamil-based channels in India. It is available through DISH with our Tamil TV Packages. Sun TV is a general entertainment channel that offers music, movies, live news and educational programs around the clock. They pride themselves on their editorial integrity and the validity of their news stories that they transmit 3 times a day.




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