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DISH offers huge savings on local Taiwanese programming and popular entertainment with Taiwanese TV Packages. Get all your favorite channels from Taiwan, Mainland China, Hong Kong and other regions delivered right to your living room.

DISH's Taiwanese TV packages offer a variety of shows, mini-series, news, children's programs and more. If you're worried about getting a taste of home in the United States, look no further. DISH can help you stay up to date with what's happening overseas with the Taiwanese packages. Get even more when you sign up for DISH.

Taiwanese: Mega

Taiwanese Mega Pack delivers 21 Mandarin channels in 100% digital quality, bringing you the most popular programming from Taiwan, Mainland China, Hong Kong and other regions for 24 hours a day. The Taiwanese Mega package offered by DISH brings you the top-rated political talk shows, latest news coverage, popular variety and entertainment shows, hottest drama and movies, and children's programming.




Taiwanese: Elite

The Taiwanese Elite Package offered by DISH broadcasts the top 5 Taiwanese channels in 100% digital quality. This package brings you the latest news coverage, top-rated political talk shows, hottest dramas and most exciting variety shows. Sign up with DISH today and receive local Taiwanese programming straight from Taiwan with the Taiwanese Elite Pack.




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